2019/20 Captains and Board Announcement

L-R: Maslen, Reanna, Mara and Sofia

L-R: Maslen, Reanna, Mara and Sofia

The current roster has voted in the new board for the 2019/20 season. The program is excited to announce that Maslen Bode Ward ‘20 and Sofia Bliek ’21 will be the programs new co-captains. The club would like to extend its full gratitude to outgoing captains Reanna Wauer ’20 and Mara Hoplamazian ’20. Coach Craig is full of praise for Reanna and Mara, “The current feeling in the program is at an all-time high. The players play with a huge smile on their face but are not afraid to dig deep and push each other. This is a direct reflection of Reanna and Mara’s leadership. I have personally learned so much from these outstanding leaders and I cannot thank them enough for the effort and pride they put into the role.”

On reflection of their time as co-captains, Reanna and Mara commented, “It has been an honor and a pleasure serving this team as captains for the 2018-2019 season. We’ve had the privilege of watching Yale Women’s Rugby grow and mature, and bring new players into the fold. Though we encountered the setbacks a young and fresh team is bound to encounter, each of us emerged from the year better players and fuller people. We are grateful to have led such a motivated team and such a supportive community. We are delighted to pass down leadership onto Maslen Bode Ward and Sofia Bliek as captains for the 2019-2020 season.”

The full 2019/20 board:


Maslen Bode Ward ‘20

Sofia Bliek ‘21

Recruitment Chairs

Allegra Pankratz ‘21

Angela Higuera ‘22

Social Chairs

Mara Hoplamazian ‘20

Anna Hope Emerson ’20

Lil Wenker ‘22


Rachel Roberts ‘22