Player Welfare Policies for Women’s Rugby

Player Welfare

  • Certified Athletic Trainer attends all matches.

  • Athletic Trainer available every Friday morning in Payne Whitney training room to assess/monitor players.

  • Varsity Strength and Conditioning coach coordinates lifting and performance prep. in Varsity Strength Training Center.

  • Full-time professional coach (also works with the women’s USA National Team).

  • Athletic Trainer, Strength & Conditioner and Coach speak regularly to ensure players are receiving correct care.

  • Athletic Trainer administers Baseline Cognitive Test at start of season (August), then repeats in Spring.

  • All players are registered with USA Rugby, which complies with their rules, eligibility and certificate of insurance.

New Players

  • Every student-athlete undertakes progressive contact training at practice before playing a live match, from pad work through to live contact. This is administered in moderation so not to overexert new players.

  • Players must participate in a minimum of 5 practices (including 1 with live contact) before being eligible to play in a game.

  • Student-athlete must demonstrate consistent, safe technique in live tackling before being eligible to play in games.

  • Every student-athlete has final say whether they enter the field of play and will only be asked in private.

  • Playing in games is never mandatory.

Injury Management

  • Athletic Trainer will remove student-athlete from games/practice with any suspected injury.

  • Athletic Trainer has final say on whether a student-athlete continues with activity/games (not the coach or student-athlete).

  • Student-athlete will visit Yale Health Center for immediate assessment after injury.

  • Athletic Trainer follows up with student-athlete after any injury.

  • After injury, if student-athlete contacts coach directly, coach will immediately contact Athletic Trainer via email to discuss athlete’s condition.

  • Athletic Trainer informs coach of any student-athlete that is not available for play.

  • Only return to activity if medically cleared by Yale Health and Athletic Trainers.

  • Regular meetings with Athletic Trainers to include weekly injury reports, in season.

Concussion Management

  • Athletic Trainer administers Baseline Cognitive Test at start of season (August), then repeats in spring.

  • Any student-athlete with suspected head injury, even if symptom free, must visit Yale Health.

  • Yale Health advises on timeline including checkups and return-to-play procedures.

  • No student-athlete starts activity until they are medically cleared by Yale Health and Trainers.

  • Progression of activity level is dependent on symptoms.

  • Baseline concussion test is re-administered before playing again.

  • Athletic Trainer will not allow any player to enter field without full clearance and once return-to-play protocol is passed. Coach has no input in this process.

  • All new players must receive Baseline Cognitive Test before practicing with team.